This is a question that can be answered differently as the preferences and likes change from person to person. There can be various reasons for people choosing to play retro games. In cases of variety, there are a lot of choices in innovation. Compared to modern games, the retro has a variety, a choice where the games don’t follow a pattern and even though this innovation is rudimentary or basic, the fact that there is a lot of variety instead of a single pattern is something to appreciate. In addition to that, the control is much easier than the complex games.

The thrill of the hunt:

Some of the players look for something unique – a feat that is unlike any other thing. It’s an achievement that comes from hard work. You don’t get retro games for anything, you have to research, search and scan the internet. The result of hard is a single game, so there is a lot of effort involved in a game.

Time Travel:

Not every game offers you a glimpse of the past and retros are masters of it. Even though you may not have born in the era, but you can travel back and see how the games were. It will give you a nostalgic experience that is lacking in modern games. If you have had the privilege to play the games in the past, you can go back to the time, relive the memories. You can remember the times you had a gaming limit, your parents keeping an eye on you and asking you to progress in the game, or the weird way you got your dad involved in the game. The memories that helped you to bond with your kids is something that can’t be explained. There is no way that any game will win that competition.

Excellent memories:

If you have a kid, you can use the game to bond with him. The controls are easier, you don’t have to be an expert, and all you have to do is press the buttons. It serves as a bright to connect, and a tool to create memories that you will cherish. The games are easy. There are no training sessions or trials – you simply start pressing the buttons and in seconds you get the hang of it. Hunting down the games and playing them easily is the most convenient yet exciting thing. In addition to that, you have a diverse choice – you can always shift back to modern and then to retro. Older games are much easier to play, you can play them whenever you like, the controls are convenient and they offer a simplicity which is sometimes much appreciated than the complexity of the modern games. Don’t you want to see what you will score in retro games? Will you be intrigued if someone dared you to do so? The only way to find out is to try.


Retro games offer different layers of experience to everyone. You may do it for one reason, your friend for another, but in nutshell, it does refuse to fade away.

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