Trump Castle provides the best series of casino games from Capstone/Intracorp. It is a solid casino simulation which is licensed under the famous casino of the Atlantic City, Trump Castle. It is owned by Donald Trump, who is one of the richest billionaires and also the president of the US at present.

The game is a collection of multiple casino games offered in the actual Trump Castle. It includes roulette, craps, slots, poker, baccarat, and blackjack. The game has a hot seat mode where up to four players can compete at once. The game mechanics are quite fair, and the gameplay may seem similar to the real-world games. The developers have worked quite well on the AI  of the game. There are Trump Castle 1, 2, and 3 with the same kind of game mechanics and interface but with improved graphics.

Unfortunately, the game does not offer any tournament or career mode, so no matter how long you play, in the end, you will lose your progress and start again. In terms of the content and variety, Trump Castle has only a few casino games and variants. But we can agree to its reason which means that the Trump Castle commodore 64 game is based mainly on the games that are available in the read Trump Castle.

Play Trump Castle

The games in all the versions of Trump Castle commodore 64 are similar with improved graphics. However, Trump Castle 2 came out with more cartoonish-style graphics. People enjoyed playing Trump Castle 2 because of its graphics as well as the option of viewing different rooms while you walk through the premie of the casino. This lets people take a break from the games and do a little free walk around the simulation. Overall the series of Trump Castle is great for commodore 64 best games list. You can find the games today on some of the gaming platforms without having to download any special tools and software on your system.

How to play Trump Castle

You can find Trump Castle on the internet archives. Search for Internet Archive’s Library and search of Commodore 64 in the search option. Here you will find a complete directory for Commodore applications and games.

You can search for Trump Castle here. Upon finding the game, you will need to launch the game screen. You will be asked to click on the power button which will boot Commodore 64 in your browser. Next, you will need to set the controls to make the game playable on your computer. Press F12 to open the settings and change the key roles to the ones you are comfortable with. Once you have changed the settings, you are ready to play Trump Castle.

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