The Commodore Business machines hold the title of the best selling single personal computer model of all times. The sales that people estimate can range from 10 to 17 million units which can allow you to enjoy major video game markets. This means that there are over commodore 64 sported a massive software library which can help with the productivity management of the video games. There are many video game classics which is not quite hard to see and can allow you to enjoy Nintendo’s NES. Here a few games which you can play in Commodore 64.


Wasteland is one of the biggest fame which is inspired by the Interlay’s spectacular fallout series. There are many classics which has the PC RPG which can be played in vein later fallout. The wasteland pioneered many concepts which can have a later series perfect for the series. The game features a lot of the same background which is set to destroy during the nuclear catastrophe. This is a critically acclaimed and wildly successful store which can allow you to have the right inspirational fallout. The version of Commodore 64 version can be hard to pay in every system but can allow you to enjoy the well-known series if continued with Ultima IV.


Stake Or Die!

Stake or die is one game which was a rage in the 1980s in the video game package. This was a game by the Epyx games winter gamers and summer series, skate and die! There is a lot of roller skating inspired courses to help with the contests with access to different skaters to choose from the run to course. Each skater avatar follows a unique look which can allow one to enjoy the transcend genre to become a mainstream sensation.

Ultima IV: The Quest Of The Avatar

The original version of the game came out in the year 1985 for the Apple II which was an instant classic which has some of the best-expedited basis. This was a game which was the first in the ‘Age of enlightenment’ which is featured in the improved dialogue and world interactions, deepening and broadening the experience for the returning players which can allow a lot of audience trafficking to play the games.

Ultima IV: The Quest Of The Avatar

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion was a game by Lucasfilm games in the year 1987 which is a graphical adventure for PCs and home consoles. This is a classic game which will allow you to enjoy the narrative points and click to form. This is a game where the character Dave Millers who is on a quest to save his girlfriend from a mad scientist in a maniac mansion which involves switching between the multiple characters allowing the story to advance.


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