The former president of the United States has numerous properties and businesses to his name. You might be wondering what he is doing here? Well, to put it simply, The Trump in the simulation belongs to him. It is a casino simulation that provides the best of experience. You have huge access to the casino games that are also offered at the Trump castle and even though the execution is a little different, you can rest assured that the experience will be highly enhanced.

The games:

What makes a casino stand out is the experience that is offered to the player and this is the central idea behind the Trump Castle Simulation. The games are better, the design is enticing, and the developers have made sure that the outlook and the mechanics are exclusive. Though the stage mode isn’t available in the casino, you can be sure of the experience and the time that you spend in the casino.


Among the variants Castle 1, 2, and three, Trump Castle 2 is most preferred by the players which have better graphics, though it’s more like the animated style. In addition to that, you have the option to navigate the casino. So, in this way even though you aren’t playing, you are offered other mediums of entertainment. It’s the best in Commodore 64 where you are exposed to a lot of game lists which you can play without the need to download or any console or any special software.

Where to find it?

The most common way to find the games is the internet archive. Head to the search option and search for the Commodore 64 Trump games or simply Trump Castle. Upon clicking on the game, you can click on it and it will boot the game. Once you set the control and are ready, the game shall run on your computer without any hassle. The only thing to keep in mind is that the controls can be a little messy, so it’s to make sure that you are aware of that and before you can step right into the game, you will need to change the control that you will find in the game. Besides that, there are various other commodore64 games that you can find which are also categorized by the name of the developer. With a single search, you will get a lot of games; the names you might not be aware of. Trump castle simulation is a unique experience that not just offers you a gaming experience, but at the same time, introduces you to a real casino. Play, walk, see and understand how a casino operates daily is the basic concept behind it.


The Castle Simulation is akin to stepping in a Trump Casino. The magnificent casinos, the marvelous structures, and the games that are second to no one are the primary features of the castle. It’s an experience that can’t be replicated.

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