The pandemic wreaked havoc on almost every industry and the last year was a disaster for the gaming world in general, but even though we had some retro games on the shelf, life seemed to be put at a halt. However, as the world is set to move on, we can expect a decent come back. The usual pattern in games means that the lack of innovation is a let-off that has paved the popularity of the retro games that cater to the requirement and offer an incomparable experience.

SNES Classic Mini:

This is the first console for retro games. The classic version has a lot of fo reasons for you to buy. You have the twenty-one games to play, the design is appealing, however, the controller cords are short. It comes with an HDMI cord, 21-preloaded games, and two controllers. Even though it offers an enhanced experience, once you are done with the game library, you can’t download any further.

NES Classic Mini:

You have a library of thirty games and more of a classic experience. However, the issue in this is the same that there are no additional downloadable games once you’ve exhausted the library. In addition to that, it’s hard to get the console from any of the retailers, but you can find it on any second-hand selling website. This is understandable given that it has been a long time since the launch.

SNK Neo-Geo Mini:

The game collection is huge, the design is remarkable and you have a good screen to play on. Though the output quality can disappoint you, the smoother controls are the best for a better gaming experience. You can have the access to the small screen, but if you connect to the TV, the image is not what a modern gamer will expect.

PlayStation Classic

With a twenty games library, the classic PlayStation might’ve made a huge hit in its prime, but today it’s out of order, but if you’re looking for the Retro experience, nothing is better than the good old Playstation. The memory cards are built-in. It doesn’t include popular games, but some might be able to give you a nostalgic experience.

ZX Spectrum Vega:

This is a prime console for the retro with a thousand games to play. One thing that is to mention that it’s hard to get and with a search that you are forced to do, you might get lucky. You have a higher chance of finding it than the other options in this list.


The modern computer has introduced a new way of playing and with the advancement of gaming technology, there are game stations right on your laptop, but the fun and experience of having a retro gaming console is something that you can’t miss out on. If you’re into gaming and have developed alike for the Retro games, what best can be there than to get a console.


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