Thanks to the new technological developments, the internet has changed the whole game of gaming and with the new titles making it to the main ground, the industry has changed for the better. The graphics are better, the sounds are realistic and the experience has enhanced. This has led to the revolution in the arena and kept companies on their toes to battle the competition. Though the integration of gambling and gaming has added to various features in the game, the central idea is something that remains unchanged. To conclude, we must compare the games of today with the past.

The start:

When the games started in the early 70s, they were rudimentary. The graphics even though were cool for the age, it is in no way comparable the today’s age. One of the striking differences between today’s games and that of the old was the fact that the former was developed for a temporary relationship. For instance, you would spend quarters on a slot, however, the modern games are more into boosting goodwill and establishing a long-term relationship with you. In this way, the player will be more inclined to the games in the future.


The retro games were hard to get through a level. You had to battle against the odds. The reason for this is that the earlier developers didn’t give much thought to the gamer experience and the whole concept revolved around the arcade. However, modern games are much sophisticated and allow an enhanced experience.


Retro games follow a pattern and when the games were announced, you won’t know what you are looking for. There was an uncertainty in the story and that might have played out with the earlier players, it surely doesn’t now. The modern games know the gamer, he wants to be informed about what you look for. In addition to this, you won’t be spending the money when you are unaware of the games. For instance, if there is a Tomb Raider 2, you will know the controls and the game’s storyline.

The planning:

This was something that was a most overlooked factor of the earlier game development where the top names like Sony and Nintendo wanted to produce more and more games. Keeping in view the demands, they wanted to be in the market also led to disastrous projects. However, modern developers are more concerned about business. They follow a pattern and don’t go with the flow. In this case, they won’t compromise in their planning and everything that happens in designing is the result of the proper execution of the plan.


Even though gaming has developed, but it appears that most of the developers have second thoughts about taking the risks. The lack of innovation has led to many gamers shifting to retro games that offer a new experience to the new gamers. In this regard, various casinos offer retro games with instant play.

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