Poker Po Polsky is a retro-style casino game which was pretty popular among the games back in the ‘80s. When it was first launched, it gained more popularity among the real gamblers due to its classic poker theme and the engaging 8-bit sounds. Those who were a fan of five-card poker game could play poker PO Polsku anything they wanted while relaxing at their homes. Today you can find Poker Po Polsku on the internet archives to relive the ‘80s once again.

Poker Po Polsky

How to play poker Po Polsku online

You can play poker Po Polsku on your PC today if you have a browser. You can access the Internet Archives and play this retro poker game online without the need of downloading any special tools or software to your device. Follow these simple steps to play poker Po Polsku on your PC.

Go to the internet archive’s library and search for Commodore 64. Here you will find a library of Commodore 64 games. Search for Poker Po Polsku in this library, and the refreshed list will have the game.

Click on the link, and you will be redirected to the games the main page with a red launch button on the top of the game screen.

When you click on this button, the commodore 64 virtual system will boot on the browser and load the game. Now you are ready to play the game.

If you do not know the key configuration of the game, press F12 and you will be directed to the settings. Now you can either learn the default settings or change the key settings according to your comfort.


The game description

Poker Po Polsku is an entertaining 5-card poker game which is played between 3-5 players. It is not a multiplayer game, but since it is a retro game, many old gamers are still interested in trying out this game.

You will start this game with $10,000 worth of chips. You can play at different tables where you will meet new players who will have different sarcastic lines to hit you with when you lose. The game is interesting to play and only has a limited number of options to bet on.

The game mechanics are easy to learn. There are not many options and strategies that you can use. After some point of playing constantly, you can learn the moves of other players, which will make the game easier to play. You can learn when the most challenging players will make their move and pick the right strategies to win.

Since the game is an only single player, the computer uses a limited number of moves that can repeat themselves sooner than expected if you can study the pattern. Hence the game is only good enough to relive the memories, but one cannot play the game forever.


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