The Monte Carlo casino is known for its grand casino part around the world. It is located in Monaco and comprises of a casino and a theatre. Monte Carlo casino offers many brick and mortar casino games, including various kinds of Roulette, Craps, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat. The casino is so popular around the world that is was launched as a Commodore 64 game which also hosted all the casino games of the Monte Carlo casino.

About Monte Carlo casino c64

The Monte Carlo casino is now available online and was first established in 2013. It was licensed from the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. It has an instant gaming feature which lets you play the game almost instantly. The players just have to register and complete the verification to become a member of the casino. The casino games are played with real money so the players will have to make their first initial payment.


Game description

Monte Carlo casino c64 is a casino simulator that lets you play five different games with virtual money. In the beginning, you start with $10,000, and your objective is to stack up as much money as you can. The games can be played on choice, and the players can constantly switch the games. There is no limits to play, and one can stop playing anytime they want. The rules of the games are explained within the game.

The fruit machine

This retro-style slot machine is the easiest way to gamble in Monte Carlo casino. You just have to press its button, and the reel will spin. Each spin of the fruit machine will cost you $1,000, so it is suggested that you get back to playing it when you have earned enough from other machines.

slot machine


To win blackjack in Monte Carlo casino, you will have to beat the dealer by scoring a higher sum of the face value of the cards but lower than 21. It is also known as Pontoon and Vignt-et-un. Blackjack is a very complex game, but for the commodore 64 blackjack game, you do not need many skills to win.


Roulette is a popular wheel game which is available on Monte Carlos casino c64. You can use the arrow keys to determine the size of your bet, odds for your bet, and then position your chips on any number on the table. You can place up to 10 bets on the table.



You will be playing against the dealer in this game. Your aim should be to beat the dealer with either having a better hand or bluffing the dealer so that he quits. After the cards are dealt, you and the dealer can bet again, and the one with the highest hand will win the game.


You can also play this dice game in Monte Carlo casino c64 where you will place bets on the outcome of the dices and the spot value of the next throw. The player can choose a stake and type of the bet and if the dices land for the perfect number, the player wins.

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