Thanks to the internet, you have access to a wide range of books, articles, pictures, information, and games. Though it may sound unusual that anybody will archive the games, there is a whole database of the games that you can find with a single click on the internet, and what best can you play than to have a commodore64. Internet Archive is one such place that will cater to your requirements, however, you will need to go through a little process to find the thing that you are looking for.

Ho to do it?

Internet Archive is the database of all the past things that are deemed important or general. It’s a flashback in the past. The initial task is to head to the site and look for the page Commodore 64. Once you are in, head to the section that reads “Collection”. The software library on the website will show all the games that are available devoid of any other options.

Pick a game:

To categorize the games and make them easier to search, the website lists them in alphabetical order. Though there will be plenty of games that will be available to you, all the games will not entice you, so it’s best to look for the public narrative and opinion. You can do that by preferring the game based on views. By adhering to this, you will see the games by most views and give you titles that are the most liked. In addition to that, you can search by the creator that can sort the things in a very convenient way. The next screen will allow you to go through the boot-up.


It may be kept in notice that you’re playing an old game, so the controls will be confusing. This is due to games not being designed for the keyboards, but this can be resolved by updating the controls. The settings page will allow you to shift the controls in the Joystick settings. Once you’re at the pop-up screen, the next steps will take you to the controls and you will be able to change them according to your needs.

Other options

There is another option for you to consider to play the commodore games. Browse the Classic Reload and you’ll find a lot of games, though small in quantity, you will get loads of games. The unique thing about the platform is that you can play the games with your mouse, the keyboard is optional. Though you will have to change the Joystick settings to make for only-mouse settings. The two options – classic Reload and the internet archive- serves as a platform to peek in the past and replicate the exquisite experience.


The modern age has given birth to revolutionary form of dissemination and due to the advent of the internet, the process has become much faster. Internet Archive is one of the best tools that you can use to access variety of games within seconds.


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