When the strip poker game was out on Commodore 64 back in the ‘80s, it became a secret sensation for the young gamers. There was no internet back in the days, and the gamers did not have enough money or the internet to explore porn. So they found the joy of seeing naked women on the Strip Poker II on the commodore 64. Despite the fact that the game had nudity, the gamers liked that the developers were serious about making a working poker game. It was a 5-card poker which was played against different players. The easy girl in the game was easy to beat, but the hard to get girls made the game more challenging and long-lasting.

The girls always had a sarcastically funny comeback which would make you feel roasted, but you would not mind hearing their quick comebacks when they are stripping when they lose. There was also a male version of the game, just in case.


Game description

You play as a male player around a woman who is ready to play strip poker with you. You will play a 5-card poker and bet your money for the rounds. You will be winning money along with watching your opponents undress. The girls will strip a cloth every time they lose one hundred dollars. You will have to make them strip five times to win the game.

The original game has two opponents, Suzi and Melissa, but you can acquire Data disks to add more opponents like Candi, Marlena, etc.

How to play commodore 64 Strip Poker online

Commodore 64 games can now be found on the internet archives. You can play them online on your browser without having to download any special tools and emulators on your PC. Follow these steps to find Strip Poker II and other games online.

commodore 64

Go to Internet Archive

Search for Internet Archive’s software library online and type “Commodore 64” on the search bar of the library. Scroll down the pages to find a section labelled as “Collection”. In the collection file, you will find “Software Library: C64”. Click on the checkbox next to it can you will find all the games that are available in the library.

Search for Strip Poker

In the library do a quick search for Commodore 64 Strip Poker. When you find the game, click on the game to get redirected to another page. Here you will get a power button. When you click on the power button, the virtual commodore 64 will boot up. Now you can enjoy playing strip poker in retro style and relive childhood once again. You can also change the controls by hitting F12 and going to the settings page.


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