Commodore 64 was a masterpiece that became popular in the ’80s. It was a high tech piece of hardware that could run applications for office, development, and the games. The gaming on commodore became popular among young and adults and is still a part of the collection for the game geeks. If you want to bring back memories or want to try out some retro gaming, you can play commodore 64 games online. There are many Internet Archives where you can get several pieces of emulation software which can run old arcade games on your browser. Commodore 64 games will also be available online without the need of downloading any special tools or software. You do not even need to own a commodore 64 to play those games.

How to play commodore 64 games online

Head to the Internet Archive’s software library and search for Commodore 64. Scroll down the pages until you find the section labelled as a collection. Open the collection file, and you will find “Software Library: C64”. Click on the checkbox next to it. Now the page will only display the games that are available through the website. You can also include demos in your search, which can provide you with more options.

Commodore 64

Picking the games

The game list will be organized alphabetically, and most of the commodore 64 games will not as interesting as the others. You can filter the games from the drop menu at the top and select “Views.” Now you can find the games organized based on the number of people who have tried them. This will give you the best-played commodore 64 games such as Ghosts ‘N Goblins and Castle Wolfenstein.

If you want to search for your favourite videogame company, find the “more” button next to the “creator” section and click on it to see the full list of the games by different companies. You can filter the games from the companies of your choice and then pick your favourite ones from there.

Once you have found your game, click on the game to get redirected to another page. Here you will find a power button icon on top of the game’s starting screen. The virtual commodore 64 will boot up right there on the browser and will launch your game. There you go! You can play any commodore 64 games anytime with this method.

Customize controls

Once you have the game loaded, hit F12 on the keyboard to go to the settings page. Since the commodore settings are different from your new keyboard settings, you will need to set controls again from the settings. On the settings page, scroll down to find “machine settings” and hit enter. Select the joystick and hit enter again. Scroll down again to find “define keysets”. Click on it, and now you can assign new keys for the game. Once you have defined the keys, hit the delete button to go back to the previous page and select “Joystick device 1.” Here you will find “keyset 1”, select it and you are ready to play the game.


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