The rapid development in the technological world has given birth to radical games and with adequate promotion, the industry has risen. Over the last couple of years, the games have become sophisticated, made better and the industry is one of the successful in the world. Gaming technology has progressed so much that it has opened ways for other industries to take inspiration.


Most of the development in the gaming arena happened in the second half of the twentieth century when games like Tic-tac-Toe made it into the mainstream. However, still in the infancy that next following year the industry went through a radical change and when Alan Turing appeared on the same, his contribution, especially in the breaking of the code of Enigma, gave birth and inspiration to the new age of technology. In this regard, the first significant development t came when William Higinbotham’s developed Tennis for Two that dominated the scene.


The game was developed in 1962 by MIT students as an experiment. The game became an instant success and is remembered as the first game that was distributed and played across computers. The unique thing about the game was that it pitted the players against and others that introduced the multiplayer to the world that also paved the way for the first eSports tournament. The gamepad for the game was integrated later.


This was the year of the development of the games and graphics. This is the reason we saw a lot of titles making their mark in the industry. The following years saw the names like Atari and Midway making their debut in the new age of gaming. In the list, Taito’s Space Invaders that was introduced in 1978 is worthy of mention. It was the first of its kind with the music, but the next year’s title took the whole cake. In 1979, it released Asteroids that has a leaderboard, and marked a new era in the arcade.


Initially designed to appeal to the women and girls, Pac Man achieved a space that no other game could. The concept was clear, the central idea was better and it had a storyline. This started the market of shifting from the regular arcade to the new games like the Super Marion and the Nintendo’s dominance over the 80s market. In the following years, the game developed and the companies concentrated on the consoles that were more shrunk to make them compact and upon the introduction of the Game Boy, the industry had completely changed. By the 1990s the whole arena had changed, the companies had made their way in the home consoles and the computers started making the debut.


The current space of gaming in the world is due to the past achievements and struggles of the industry. Even though the modern games have managed to gain a spectacular audience, a jump in the retros is no let-off either. The future seems bright as technology advances with the everyday progress.

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