Over the last couple of years, gaming, in general, has transformed a lot and in matters of sophistication, modern games have made the experience more enhanced. However, those of the people who had the privilege to play the earlier-generation games will not just understand the transformation, but at the same time know the fun that comes from playing the vintage-style games is something else. It gives you a feeling of the past. There are still some options that are open to the player which will introduce them to the games that are unlike today’s games.


Even though the game never got to see the deserved limelight, the controls are smoother, the game is enticing and it allows for appealing gameplay. Once you progress through the stages, you will notice that there is adequate health for you to pick up, and in addition to that, you are up against the opponents and the game does reward you for overcoming the stages and hurdles that you face. The classic car compact adds to the fun of playing, the cutscenes are interesting and each level has its layers of traps and perks. Besides that, there are exciting cars, addictive play, and easy controls.

Sonic HedgeHog:

When it comes to Sonic, there are a lot of titles to choose from and among them all, HedgeHog 2 takes the edge. Not just that it’s the Retro, but the game follows an interesting storyline that hitches the player to the screen. The integration of the various stages of the game makes it the most popular of the Sonic games. There are stages like Chemical Plant and Casino Night Zones that are too good to be missed out on.


TETRIS is one of the games that has been produced a lot and one may argue that it doesn’t belong in this list, however, the sheer excellence of the game is to entice the gamer in all its forms. The simplistic maze-style offers a classic gaming experience that has had satisfactory players since the beginning of its inception. Whether you have a liking for the brick games or not, Tetris is an option that you can never overlook and despite the advent of modern high-end graphics, the old-style Tetris still maintains the space in the gaming world. Every new rendition of the game offers something unique to you and though it may seem very easy to play, the mastery takes a lot of time.


A game that can remind you of the past or moreover take you to the time is always something that you can’t afford to ignore. Zelda is such a game that offers more than the gaming experience. The design is full of dungeons and a diverse ecosystem that integrates the aquatic and the land gives you a unique feeling. The design is lavish and beautiful.


Super Mario is a world of its own. Having dominated the gaming world for too long, the classic brick style game is retro at its best. Among the titles, the Super Mario 3 is considered the best. In addition to that, Super Mario World has a special place when we are comparing the Mario games.


The retro games give you a bit of the past to cherish and what best can you do than to select one of them to play.

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