If you ave been a fan of the classic slot games from the ’80s and ’90s and want to try them once again to relive the moments, this list is for you. There are online platforms that still offer plenty of online games to play. For all the retro gaming lovers, here is a lost of the top retro casino games that you much try.

Jackpot 6000

This is an old-school arcade game with a classic slot machine from the ‘80s. It has the reels with satisfying clunk sound with music that will stick to your head for hours. The best part about finding these retro games is that you will not be disturbed by many because today everyone wants to try out the latest games. You can enjoy playing Jackpot 6000 as much as you want.

Jackpot 6000

Retro Reels

Now, this is not an old game, but it is themed upon the old-school type gaming. It only has the machine design with no background that actually makes it more pleasing to the eyes. Retro Reels is a perfect remake of mechanical slot games but offers 20 pay lines. It has a nice individual reel re-spin feature which can put players in control.

Creature from the black lagoon

The retro game players love this NetEnt slot because even though it has advanced graphics to attract the new audience, it still sticks to its roots. There is a Hollywood style version of this game which will provide a proper B-movie experience to the players.

Rubiks Riches

If you have played the old fruit machine, you must remember its sound when the reels spin. The only difference in this game is that the reels are replaced with the Rubik’s cube. It can be won in multiple ways, including the retro style lighting up of the name for a bonus system.

Rubiks Riches

Reel Rush

This retro-themed game is made intentionally of low-resolution graphics. Reel rush has symbols from classic slots and 8-bit computer games that will make you feel like playing an old game. If the looks are not enough, then the sounds will take you back to the ’90s.


SafeCracker was one of the most innovative slot game that was made when the online slots were only getting popular. You can still find the game at Slots Heaven. There are only three reels and one win which together give out one massive jackpot. It has a safe-cracking interface which is connected to a massive vault which can give out massive jackpots.


This slot is based on Japanese cult anime with a 888 casino game mechanism. This game can make you feel like you are playing on a commodore 64 because of its dark retro looks. The 2D figures look because of the clarity, but the overall theme of the game will never make you feel like this is a new game.


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