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Learn about the commodore 64 gaming if you are new. Get to know about the history of the games and how they revolutionized the industry.

The Legendary Commodore 64

The first and the highest sold commodore in history. Learn more about the creates and the idea behind this machine.

The Transportable Commodore SX-64

Learn about the new upgrade in the commodore machine and how it affected the upcoming gaming community.

The Powerful Commodore 128

Learn about the best commodore invention, the best which has the power to run the latest games.

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Recent Updates

Retro Casino Games of the Past

Daily, games whether casino or non-gambling come and go. Modern games are sophisticated, graphics are high-end and the sounds are realistic. They offer an experience that can’t be replicated, but the trend sometimes loses the dominant ground and you want to try something different, not of this age, have a peek in the past and play the good-old retro. The games of the past are full of unique rudimentary designs, they are nowhere a match to the modern games, but they offer something different.

Lynx Casino:

This is one of the unique titles that offer you gameplay that will not just be unique, but a glimpse into the gaming market of the 1990s. Produced in 1992, Lynx is a simulation of the casino where you are offered a variety of games such as blackjack and poker. There are also some slots that you can choose from. The rules are the same as you would have in a casino and in addition to that, there are variants of the games that you can’t afford to overlook. In nutshell, the experience is enhanced and if you compare it to the titles at that time, it surely takes the cake.

Vegas Stakes:

Not everything that has Vegas in it is enjoyable, but Vegas Stakes is the best. It has everything that a casino has to offer – the better experience, the games, and the graphics. Even though they can’t be compared to modern games, the gameplay is appreciative and the selections are numerous. Produced in 1993, it soon excelled the other titles in the race. There are five casinos that you can choose from, but you will have to win an amount before you can be promoted to the next level.

 The Casino Kid Franchise:

The time Casino Kid was introduced to the world can be considered the infancy of the gaming world and though many of the games were introduced in the market, the ground was still barren, but with the creation of Casino Kid in 1989 that followed an interesting storyline, the new age games become a new normal. As a teenager in the game, you’re up against the gaming hustlers and experienced players. The character wants to be the best and there are places to explore in the game.

The future holds the ground:

The modern games have followed a pattern and with the games following the same old feature, the space for the innovation of the old games has risen. Many of the players are choosing the old retro games to add a twist to the experience. The classic option like Tetris, Card Games or the Casino Simulation has been one of the tops. Despite their 2D operation, they offer a nostalgic experience to you and nothing can be compared to them. More and more casinos are catering to these requirements where you can find any game with a click.


Even though there are a lot of options in retro gaming, some of the titles have a uniqueness to them. They are fun, entertaining and you are offered more features than usual.

Retro BlackJack

When it comes to the most popular and the easiest card games in a casino, the place is no doubt reserved for the all-time favorite Blackjack. However, these days the experience is limited and with the limitations on wagering, playing a game sometimes can be intimidating. Though there are a lot of casinos that offer you an exquisite experience with lenient rules, going back in the time and trying the blackjack game when the rules were affordable is what retro Blackjack offers. One of the benefits of playing the game in the retro style is that you can play the game for as little as $2 and aim for higher profits.

How to play:

There is not much difference between the retro Blackjack and the modern version of the game. The rules are the same and if you’ve played it before, then you will be exposed to normal options already, but that’s not the case and matter of fact. Though you will have to keep in mind that Retro BlackJack isn’t the variant of the game, but it offers a different style that is much more affordable for you. The usual odds are 3-2, so you mustn’t agree to anything else. The thing to mention is that the player must make sure that there are favorable conditions for the playing else looking for a retro game doesn’t make any sense.


The initial thing that must be looked for is the late surrender in addition to the option Split Options that are offered by the platform. Besides that, you must look at other limitations that can have a drastic effect on your gameplay. The rules have to be read, regulations understood and if there are casino-centric rules that are to be applied, then you must make your decision regarding the play.

The drawbacks:

Though the Retro BlackJack is a boon in casino card games, as it allows you to wager a low amount. However, there are some limitations and restrictions that may not be identified by the beginners, but every easy to spot by the experts. Even though they have little impact on the game, they can be a major factor in the overall experience. If you want to bet more than $5, then you must do that in increments such as $10, $15, etc. In addition to that, if you are wagering between $2-5, then there is a fee that must be paid for every bet. This can be a driving factor in the edge of the overall game where it can massively increase. Though the casino argues that the fees on every hand make them able to offer the cheap games, it can lead to the increased amounts in cases of losses which also increase the house edge.


BlackJack in Retro is not just fun but cuts the expensiveness of the game. You can wager lower amounts, but at the same time must make sure that you are well prepared because the house edge will increase a little bit. In nutshell, the whole process depends on the preparation.

Play Retro Slots for Real Money

One of the significant developments that has happened in the casino world is the advent of online casinos and with the expansion of the network to almost every region of the world, gaming has become much easier, and not only that, it has exposed the industry to a new audience. Retro games are the options that you can’t miss; the good-old Fruit Slots or the Poker is a choice that you must look into. In all this, classic slots that could only be played in a casino back in the days remain a favorable choice.

Classic Slots 777:

One of the slots that take the edge and dominate the stage is the Classic Slots 777. If you have had the fun of playing them, you can’t resist when given a choice. Thanks to the internet, any game can be found with a click. When all the three sevens meet and form a combination, you win a huge amount. It has hitched the player of the past to the screen and with an online casino, you can have access to such fun within no time. Letters, numbers, and other features that form the basis of the 777 display add to the entertainment of the past.

Vegas Slots:

Even though the modern slots have offered a better experience with their enhanced graphics and high sound quality, the realistic feature can be ignored and downplayed when you are introduced to vintage slots. The old Vegas slots are unique, a thing of the past where you get to have the experience of a lifetime. One of the significant differences is that when you play the game at an online casino, you are open to winning big prizes with modern features.

The appearance:

There is a lot that has changed in the past in the matter of graphics and even though there is an array of the games that have better graphics, the old retro games operate on a 3-reel design in addition to 5. The traditional Fruit slots Fruits, Fruits, and Fruits is the thing that you will find in the games which gives it a feature of the past. In addition to that, the theme is influenced by various factors such as comics and cars or even movies like Star Wars compared to the modern slots that have an exclusivity attributed to the game. Furthermore, one needs to look at the contribution of the various retro software providers such as Net gaming and IGT who have made sure that the player gets the best of the retro experience. On top of that, you are allowed to take the advantage of the various perks offered by the site such as bonuses, free spins, and promotions that can boost your game.


Since you will be wagering real money, it will be wise to make sure that you have the best strategy on your side. However, slots require less of the casino planning, but Retro takes the fun to itself. The fruits and the enticing features of the past are soothing to the eyes.

Nostalgic Poker Retro Games

Considering the radical lobbying by the casino industry, if any game has capitalized more than the other on the market, it is Poker without a doubt. Irrespective of the region that you are in, step in a casino and you will see tables shuffling more poker than any other games. Over the years, the card game has gone through a transition, made the best of variants, and integrated itself into the online world. Retro games offer a unique experience of the game as it allows one to travel in the past and has the experience of the time when most of the gaming world was developing.

Draw 80 Poker:

Compared to the modern poker games where you’re exposed to the new age graphics and the realistic sounds in addition to the Live Tables, poker in the retro is a different experience. Over the years, online casinos have enticed players with their features like promotions and bonuses and within a single click, the game can be played, but in the 80s it was more of a one-player thing. You had the option of playing it with your friends, but online games were the thing of a utopian future. Created in 1978, Draw Poker was the first of the titles that did justice to the game and casino in general. It was a new and innovative world where the players could experience poker from the comfort of their homes. With the addition of the slot in the category, the machine allowed the players to spin the cards and make good use of their time. Considered to be one of the most popular games at that time, it remained on the top for some time.

Vegas Stakes:

The 1990s was an emerging time for video games in general and years before the first online casino will be launched, the introduction of Vegas Stakes opened a new arena for casino gamers. In addition to that, you had a variety to choose from such as Blackjack, craps, and roulette. However, the initial stakes were a bit of a let-off, but that hardly mattered in case of the popularity and it gained so much ground that it paved the way for its advent in Gameboy in 1995. It has some unique phases and as you reached an advanced stage, you could open the next level of the game.

Hard Rock Casino:

Hard Rock Casino was the most advanced casino game of its time and even though it may lag in certain features compared to the modern version of casino games that we have, but the 2000s was the time when it made it to the summit of the gaming world. With the springing up of the PlayStation in 2000, the modern world saw a new era of the games and with the addition of the casino feature, further made the industry popular. In 2006, the game was launched and it remained a favorite of the fans. It had more than 20 games you could choose from.


Retro games are fun and enjoyable. It offers a refuge from our day to day lives and shows us a glimpse of the past.

Integration of Retro in Casino Games

There is an attachment with the past – whether that be the classic fruit slots or the more popular Brick games – which can’t be compared with any experience. When you compare it with the modern slots, they might be cool and sophisticated, but the past games offer something that is different and gives one a feeling of nostalgia. The integration of the retro games with the casino has been a boon for both of the industry and with the modern ease of gaming, the access is more convenient. With a clock on the computer, you are exposed to a range of games that will never disappoint you.

 Casino Kid:

This was the time when gaming was developing and many of the titles were making their mark on the market. If you have had the experience of the games at that time, it was a new phenomenon. One may argue that Casinmo Kid was not that popular at the time, but due to the passage of time, the game has made it to the most sought one. Your task is to defeat the king. You can play blackjack and poker. With better graphics, this was one of the games that introduced casinos to a wider audience.

High Stakes Gambling:

 The game follows a unique storyline. With the inclusion of the Great Depression, the story follows as you try to win against the Mafia and win the money. You have access to various games such as Blackjack, Poker, and even slots. Tricking the Mafia while you progress through the cheating gangsters with rudimentary graphics is an experience that you can’t miss out on today. Not every day, you will play such a game.

Hot Slots and Peek-A-Boo Poker:

 Among the Retro game titles, the game has a unique theme to it. However, this has always been a bone of contention between the promoters where the adult-only games cause trouble for the department. IN the 1990s, the theme was limited and the audience scarce. Even though, Hot Slots made quite a remarkable space in the gaming world. However, the Adult theme added to the exclusivity of the game and with fair graphics, the various components of the game enhance the overall gaming arena that you are offered.

Modern games:

The difference between that old games and the modern ones is that the graphics are cool, the sounds add the realistic feature and as you go along, the theme is played out in a very detailed manner. However, the enthusiasm and the feeling of playing a retro casino game is something that will act as a peek into the past. The classic Brick and Mortar games will introduce you to the past and if you have played it in your time, what best can be there than to jump into the time.


Even though modern gaming has transformed a lot thanks to technology, but retro games have a place and with the internet dominating our lives, they are easy to find.

How to play commodore64 games online?

Thanks to the internet, you have access to a wide range of books, articles, pictures, information, and games. Though it may sound unusual that anybody will archive the games, there is a whole database of the games that you can find with a single click on the internet, and what best can you play than to have a commodore64. Internet Archive is one such place that will cater to your requirements, however, you will need to go through a little process to find the thing that you are looking for.

Ho to do it?

Internet Archive is the database of all the past things that are deemed important or general. It’s a flashback in the past. The initial task is to head to the site and look for the page Commodore 64. Once you are in, head to the section that reads “Collection”. The software library on the website will show all the games that are available devoid of any other options.

Pick a game:

To categorize the games and make them easier to search, the website lists them in alphabetical order. Though there will be plenty of games that will be available to you, all the games will not entice you, so it’s best to look for the public narrative and opinion. You can do that by preferring the game based on views. By adhering to this, you will see the games by most views and give you titles that are the most liked. In addition to that, you can search by the creator that can sort the things in a very convenient way. The next screen will allow you to go through the boot-up.


It may be kept in notice that you’re playing an old game, so the controls will be confusing. This is due to games not being designed for the keyboards, but this can be resolved by updating the controls. The settings page will allow you to shift the controls in the Joystick settings. Once you’re at the pop-up screen, the next steps will take you to the controls and you will be able to change them according to your needs.

Other options

There is another option for you to consider to play the commodore games. Browse the Classic Reload and you’ll find a lot of games, though small in quantity, you will get loads of games. The unique thing about the platform is that you can play the games with your mouse, the keyboard is optional. Though you will have to change the Joystick settings to make for only-mouse settings. The two options – classic Reload and the internet archive- serves as a platform to peek in the past and replicate the exquisite experience.


The modern age has given birth to revolutionary form of dissemination and due to the advent of the internet, the process has become much faster. Internet Archive is one of the best tools that you can use to access variety of games within seconds.


How Gaming Has Changed with Times?

The rapid development in the technological world has given birth to radical games and with adequate promotion, the industry has risen. Over the last couple of years, the games have become sophisticated, made better and the industry is one of the successful in the world. Gaming technology has progressed so much that it has opened ways for other industries to take inspiration.


Most of the development in the gaming arena happened in the second half of the twentieth century when games like Tic-tac-Toe made it into the mainstream. However, still in the infancy that next following year the industry went through a radical change and when Alan Turing appeared on the same, his contribution, especially in the breaking of the code of Enigma, gave birth and inspiration to the new age of technology. In this regard, the first significant development t came when William Higinbotham’s developed Tennis for Two that dominated the scene.


The game was developed in 1962 by MIT students as an experiment. The game became an instant success and is remembered as the first game that was distributed and played across computers. The unique thing about the game was that it pitted the players against and others that introduced the multiplayer to the world that also paved the way for the first eSports tournament. The gamepad for the game was integrated later.


This was the year of the development of the games and graphics. This is the reason we saw a lot of titles making their mark in the industry. The following years saw the names like Atari and Midway making their debut in the new age of gaming. In the list, Taito’s Space Invaders that was introduced in 1978 is worthy of mention. It was the first of its kind with the music, but the next year’s title took the whole cake. In 1979, it released Asteroids that has a leaderboard, and marked a new era in the arcade.


Initially designed to appeal to the women and girls, Pac Man achieved a space that no other game could. The concept was clear, the central idea was better and it had a storyline. This started the market of shifting from the regular arcade to the new games like the Super Marion and the Nintendo’s dominance over the 80s market. In the following years, the game developed and the companies concentrated on the consoles that were more shrunk to make them compact and upon the introduction of the Game Boy, the industry had completely changed. By the 1990s the whole arena had changed, the companies had made their way in the home consoles and the computers started making the debut.


The current space of gaming in the world is due to the past achievements and struggles of the industry. Even though the modern games have managed to gain a spectacular audience, a jump in the retros is no let-off either. The future seems bright as technology advances with the everyday progress.

Best Retro Games to Pass the Time

Over the last couple of years, gaming, in general, has transformed a lot and in matters of sophistication, modern games have made the experience more enhanced. However, those of the people who had the privilege to play the earlier-generation games will not just understand the transformation, but at the same time know the fun that comes from playing the vintage-style games is something else. It gives you a feeling of the past. There are still some options that are open to the player which will introduce them to the games that are unlike today’s games.


Even though the game never got to see the deserved limelight, the controls are smoother, the game is enticing and it allows for appealing gameplay. Once you progress through the stages, you will notice that there is adequate health for you to pick up, and in addition to that, you are up against the opponents and the game does reward you for overcoming the stages and hurdles that you face. The classic car compact adds to the fun of playing, the cutscenes are interesting and each level has its layers of traps and perks. Besides that, there are exciting cars, addictive play, and easy controls.

Sonic HedgeHog:

When it comes to Sonic, there are a lot of titles to choose from and among them all, HedgeHog 2 takes the edge. Not just that it’s the Retro, but the game follows an interesting storyline that hitches the player to the screen. The integration of the various stages of the game makes it the most popular of the Sonic games. There are stages like Chemical Plant and Casino Night Zones that are too good to be missed out on.


TETRIS is one of the games that has been produced a lot and one may argue that it doesn’t belong in this list, however, the sheer excellence of the game is to entice the gamer in all its forms. The simplistic maze-style offers a classic gaming experience that has had satisfactory players since the beginning of its inception. Whether you have a liking for the brick games or not, Tetris is an option that you can never overlook and despite the advent of modern high-end graphics, the old-style Tetris still maintains the space in the gaming world. Every new rendition of the game offers something unique to you and though it may seem very easy to play, the mastery takes a lot of time.


A game that can remind you of the past or moreover take you to the time is always something that you can’t afford to ignore. Zelda is such a game that offers more than the gaming experience. The design is full of dungeons and a diverse ecosystem that integrates the aquatic and the land gives you a unique feeling. The design is lavish and beautiful.


Super Mario is a world of its own. Having dominated the gaming world for too long, the classic brick style game is retro at its best. Among the titles, the Super Mario 3 is considered the best. In addition to that, Super Mario World has a special place when we are comparing the Mario games.


The retro games give you a bit of the past to cherish and what best can you do than to select one of them to play.

Battleship review

The modern games are sophisticated, entertaining and the most interactive things that not just help you kill the boredom, but at the same time allow you to refresh your reflexes. It has been proved by medical science that playing games regularly can increase your decision-making capacities and change your behavior regarding various actions in life. Even though gaming has transformed a lot and you’re exposed to innovations, the need to go back and enjoy the good-old retro games is something that has no replacement and when it comes to such games, nobody can ignore the battleship game that has kept the old generation busy in their times.


To conclude is the toughest part to do, however, you are to take factors into your account. Battleship is enticing and with an interactive storyline, that game does appeal to a wider range of gamers. In addition to unique sounds and better graphics, the tank-style game adds fun to the overall experience. Besides that, the inclusion of interesting animations, fight scenes, and ships add to the benefit of playing. Once you start playing, you will find yourself in a zone that is full of action and devoid of any boring addition reminding you of the old days of the game.

The play:

Simply put, you place the ship and battle against the enemy ships trying to fire at you. There are two ways of playing the game, however, that depends if the ships haven’t sunk up. One is Salvo and the other is an equal shot. There are pros and cons to the first one, but not to dwell in the irrelevant details, it allows you to fire four shots from each ship that you have. Imagine it this way, you are a player that has the strength of 10 ships in your command, the game will become more exciting for you and disastrous for the person against you. Though there are some technical glitches, that just form the vintage component of the game. What sets it apart is the option of playing against a friend. Make sure that you conceal the matrix while you fleet the ships or the game will become more obvious for your opponent.


The imaging is relatively good, though the developers could’ve designed it properly, which is compensated by the attractive idea of the battle. Some of the repeating animations can bore you off, but not every day will you play the battleship. Furthermore, the music sets the mood, especially the abrupt change to play in sync with the action of shooting and sinking. The sound effects are better, graphics are appreciative which lives up to the standards of the game. und effects and let you enjoy the game, except for the animated gun.


Though the animations can put you off, the game offers a decent experience to any gamer interested in Retro. The sounds, graphics, and the makeover of Battleship will give you a feeling of video gaming in the old style.

A guide to the online gaming and gambling

Thanks to the internet, gambling, as well as the gaming industry, can reach a wider audience. However, the addition of the new audience means the new demands and requirements that the operators have to fulfill. The advent of online casinos adds more to the experience where players from all around the world can gamble on the platform without any hassle. The extra protection that’s adopted by the platforms adds to the sense of security of the players. Apart from this, there are apprehensions regarding the security that can only be satisfied by following some dos and don’ts.

Retro games:

The years that followed the advent of the internet casinos saw a growth in the players and not only this, the industry that was before this period confined to a certain region could open up, expand and cater to the requirements of the areas where the gambling was restricted. The casinos offered a range of games and you could bet on any of them without leaving your home. This gave to its rise where more and more players preferred it. The payouts were faster, the deposits were smooth and the experience was enhanced. Over the years, modern games have developed a lot, but at the same time, retro games have made it to the mainstream. The games offer a peek into the past and expose you to a different experience.


The initial of gaming was when Tennis for Two was introduced which was followed by the first of the gaming event. However, the most significant development came in the 1980s when most of the games were being produced. With the modernization of the games and the high-end graphics have revolutionized the whole industry, the retro games are scarce let alone finding the consoles, but online play a vital part in its database. You can find a lot on the online casino in addition to the internet archive.

Selection and preparation:

Even though the games are fun, there are some fundamental things that you must remember. It’s a good experience to play vintage games, but if you know exactly about a game, then it will offer you insights about it. Before selecting the title, make sure that you have researched about it so that you are aware of what lies ahead. Youtube and the internet are the best resources on this.

Gambling in general:

Gambling requires a presence of mind, so it wouldn’t be a great idea to play while intoxicated. Keep the head clear of any distraction that can be stressful too and separate the money that you are to end on the game from the rest so that you can have a final picture of your finance.


Retro games have no replacement, but the best requires thorough research. With just a single click, you will find a lot that you can choose. See the reviews, know the game and make the best selection because you will not want to waste your time.

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