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Learn about the commodore 64 gaming if you are new. Get to know about the history of the games and how they revolutionized the industry.

The Legendary Commodore 64

The first and the highest sold commodore in history. Learn more about the creates and the idea behind this machine.

The Transportable Commodore SX-64

Learn about the new upgrade in the commodore machine and how it affected the upcoming gaming community.

The Powerful Commodore 128

Learn about the best commodore invention, the best which has the power to run the latest games.

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The gaming community is always fascinated with retro games and want to keep the games alive in one way or the other.


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Recent Updates

Why is it Fun to Play Retro games?

This is a question that can be answered differently as the preferences and likes change from person to person. There can be various reasons for people choosing to play retro games. In cases of variety, there are a lot of choices in innovation. Compared to modern games, the retro has a variety, a choice where the games don’t follow a pattern and even though this innovation is rudimentary or basic, the fact that there is a lot of variety instead of a single pattern is something to appreciate. In addition to that, the control is much easier than the complex games.

The thrill of the hunt:

Some of the players look for something unique – a feat that is unlike any other thing. It’s an achievement that comes from hard work. You don’t get retro games for anything, you have to research, search and scan the internet. The result of hard is a single game, so there is a lot of effort involved in a game.

Time Travel:

Not every game offers you a glimpse of the past and retros are masters of it. Even though you may not have born in the era, but you can travel back and see how the games were. It will give you a nostalgic experience that is lacking in modern games. If you have had the privilege to play the games in the past, you can go back to the time, relive the memories. You can remember the times you had a gaming limit, your parents keeping an eye on you and asking you to progress in the game, or the weird way you got your dad involved in the game. The memories that helped you to bond with your kids is something that can’t be explained. There is no way that any game will win that competition.

Excellent memories:

If you have a kid, you can use the game to bond with him. The controls are easier, you don’t have to be an expert, and all you have to do is press the buttons. It serves as a bright to connect, and a tool to create memories that you will cherish. The games are easy. There are no training sessions or trials – you simply start pressing the buttons and in seconds you get the hang of it. Hunting down the games and playing them easily is the most convenient yet exciting thing. In addition to that, you have a diverse choice – you can always shift back to modern and then to retro. Older games are much easier to play, you can play them whenever you like, the controls are convenient and they offer a simplicity which is sometimes much appreciated than the complexity of the modern games. Don’t you want to see what you will score in retro games? Will you be intrigued if someone dared you to do so? The only way to find out is to try.


Retro games offer different layers of experience to everyone. You may do it for one reason, your friend for another, but in nutshell, it does refuse to fade away.

The Best Retro Gaming Consoles

The pandemic wreaked havoc on almost every industry and the last year was a disaster for the gaming world in general, but even though we had some retro games on the shelf, life seemed to be put at a halt. However, as the world is set to move on, we can expect a decent come back. The usual pattern in games means that the lack of innovation is a let-off that has paved the popularity of the retro games that cater to the requirement and offer an incomparable experience.

SNES Classic Mini:

This is the first console for retro games. The classic version has a lot of fo reasons for you to buy. You have the twenty-one games to play, the design is appealing, however, the controller cords are short. It comes with an HDMI cord, 21-preloaded games, and two controllers. Even though it offers an enhanced experience, once you are done with the game library, you can’t download any further.

NES Classic Mini:

You have a library of thirty games and more of a classic experience. However, the issue in this is the same that there are no additional downloadable games once you’ve exhausted the library. In addition to that, it’s hard to get the console from any of the retailers, but you can find it on any second-hand selling website. This is understandable given that it has been a long time since the launch.

SNK Neo-Geo Mini:

The game collection is huge, the design is remarkable and you have a good screen to play on. Though the output quality can disappoint you, the smoother controls are the best for a better gaming experience. You can have the access to the small screen, but if you connect to the TV, the image is not what a modern gamer will expect.

PlayStation Classic

With a twenty games library, the classic PlayStation might’ve made a huge hit in its prime, but today it’s out of order, but if you’re looking for the Retro experience, nothing is better than the good old Playstation. The memory cards are built-in. It doesn’t include popular games, but some might be able to give you a nostalgic experience.

ZX Spectrum Vega:

This is a prime console for the retro with a thousand games to play. One thing that is to mention that it’s hard to get and with a search that you are forced to do, you might get lucky. You have a higher chance of finding it than the other options in this list.


The modern computer has introduced a new way of playing and with the advancement of gaming technology, there are game stations right on your laptop, but the fun and experience of having a retro gaming console is something that you can’t miss out on. If you’re into gaming and have developed alike for the Retro games, what best can be there than to get a console.

Best Retro Android Games

Ever since the advent of the android market, the platform for gaming and its popularity has risen. Retro games have identified the opportunity that the market offers and capitalized on the situation. However, you will need to be a little careful in downloading the game lest you will end up in a game that will sour your retro experience on android. Even though all the games of the past will give you a nostalgic feeling, some dominate the ground. They have a unique touch to them and every gamer feels enticed.

Beamdog games:

With a price of $9.99, the developer has three titles to its name and considered to be one of the best in the play store. The titles include Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, and Seige of Dragonspear. The platform uses a 2000s theme to create a remarkable impression of the retro games. Though the games can be played on a small screen, it would be best if you prefer a bigger screen so that it’s experienced to the fullest.


Once dominating the Playstation world in the late 90s, Castlevania is a name that has carved a space in the retro games. With a classic outlook, the game is compatible and has support for multiple languages. You can purchase the game for $2.99 and there are no in-app purchases, so you won’t be bothered by pop-ups.

Crossy Road:

Crossy Road is a unique name in the free play category. The game progresses through some obstacles and roads. The timing can play an important factor in the game. From the developers of Pac-Man 256 and Shooty Skies, Crossy Road is a name to look for. In addition to that, there are various characters that you can unlock.

Evoland 1-2:

There are two versions in these titles with the prices of $0.99 and $7.99. The sophisticated design entailing a smooth experience with various variants as the progress of the game, the high-end graphics, and the features are enticing. Besides that, there are usual components like the fighters, RPG, and other features. Though the second title is a little bit expensive, at the same time, it still does justice to the entertainment.

Kairosoft games:

The developer has managed to gain a favorable reputation thanks to its range of games that operate on a retro theme. Even though various games are attributed to the name, only some have boosted the goodwill of the developer. Among the names are Grand Prix Story 2 and Ninja Village. There are arcade, survival, and the race among the genres that add the enticing factor to the games.


Though there have been various developers in the google market, the need for the best selection is more imperative than ever. You will not want to ruin the first-time experience so you must look for the best platform that offers a better execution of the retro games on their platforms.


No experience can be compared with a vintage experience and as the world moves on, the past becomes a scarce experience, and its glimpse becomes a recollection of feelings and sentiments. The same applies in the gaming industry where the player has been catching in on the vintage collection of games. Even though the modern games have been catering to the requirements of the crowd, they however follow a pattern and this is where the problem exists. The patterns entail that one few of the companies are willing to try the innovations and offer something new. This has led to the exploration of retro games that has something new to offer to those who haven’t tried it.

Why are they popular?

It’s no secret that the modern design has made sure that the player has access to a time that is worthy of appreciation. The entertainment is unlimited and fun is worthy of your time, but at the same time, the jump in the good old times is something that can’t be compared with anything. Retros have done their time, but there’s still a lot of life left and many developers have taken it upon themselves to make sure that they aren’t rendered irrelevant. Various casinos offer you retro games and thanks to the internet, you can find them in a second.

Games to play:

Though there are a lot of options that you can play in terms of the Retro games, some of them can give you time, unlike others. When it comes to the games of the past, titles like the Super Mario, Jackpot 6000, Retro Reels, and the classic Fruit Slots take the front seat. In addition to that, the contribution of the software companies like the IGI and NetEnt has been a boon to the industry that is responsible for the smooth running of the retro games on the platform.

Where to find it?

There are plenty of casinos on the internet where you can get huge access to the games. Names such as Casimba, Party Casino, and Dream Vegas to start with. However, it’s to mention that one should be careful about the casinos on the internet, and even though there is no dearth of online casinos, the need to verify the credentials is more imperative than ever. As you will be spending the real money, so you must research a little until you conclude. Besides that, you are offered various joining bonuses and promotions that can be used to boost the gameplay and increase the chances of winning. Though there are no direct ways of winning in a casino, better preparation means an enhanced outcome.


Retro themed casinos are the modern style gameplay. You get the taste of the vintage game with a new twist where you have the option of winning, taking advantage of the new features and promotion. Above all, having tried a game that is not modern, is something to brag about.

Retro gaming vs Modern Day Games

Thanks to the new technological developments, the internet has changed the whole game of gaming and with the new titles making it to the main ground, the industry has changed for the better. The graphics are better, the sounds are realistic and the experience has enhanced. This has led to the revolution in the arena and kept companies on their toes to battle the competition. Though the integration of gambling and gaming has added to various features in the game, the central idea is something that remains unchanged. To conclude, we must compare the games of today with the past.

The start:

When the games started in the early 70s, they were rudimentary. The graphics even though were cool for the age, it is in no way comparable the today’s age. One of the striking differences between today’s games and that of the old was the fact that the former was developed for a temporary relationship. For instance, you would spend quarters on a slot, however, the modern games are more into boosting goodwill and establishing a long-term relationship with you. In this way, the player will be more inclined to the games in the future.


The retro games were hard to get through a level. You had to battle against the odds. The reason for this is that the earlier developers didn’t give much thought to the gamer experience and the whole concept revolved around the arcade. However, modern games are much sophisticated and allow an enhanced experience.


Retro games follow a pattern and when the games were announced, you won’t know what you are looking for. There was an uncertainty in the story and that might have played out with the earlier players, it surely doesn’t now. The modern games know the gamer, he wants to be informed about what you look for. In addition to this, you won’t be spending the money when you are unaware of the games. For instance, if there is a Tomb Raider 2, you will know the controls and the game’s storyline.

The planning:

This was something that was a most overlooked factor of the earlier game development where the top names like Sony and Nintendo wanted to produce more and more games. Keeping in view the demands, they wanted to be in the market also led to disastrous projects. However, modern developers are more concerned about business. They follow a pattern and don’t go with the flow. In this case, they won’t compromise in their planning and everything that happens in designing is the result of the proper execution of the plan.


Even though gaming has developed, but it appears that most of the developers have second thoughts about taking the risks. The lack of innovation has led to many gamers shifting to retro games that offer a new experience to the new gamers. In this regard, various casinos offer retro games with instant play.

The Glorious Trump Castle Simulation

The former president of the United States has numerous properties and businesses to his name. You might be wondering what he is doing here? Well, to put it simply, The Trump in the simulation belongs to him. It is a casino simulation that provides the best of experience. You have huge access to the casino games that are also offered at the Trump castle and even though the execution is a little different, you can rest assured that the experience will be highly enhanced.

The games:

What makes a casino stand out is the experience that is offered to the player and this is the central idea behind the Trump Castle Simulation. The games are better, the design is enticing, and the developers have made sure that the outlook and the mechanics are exclusive. Though the stage mode isn’t available in the casino, you can be sure of the experience and the time that you spend in the casino.


Among the variants Castle 1, 2, and three, Trump Castle 2 is most preferred by the players which have better graphics, though it’s more like the animated style. In addition to that, you have the option to navigate the casino. So, in this way even though you aren’t playing, you are offered other mediums of entertainment. It’s the best in Commodore 64 where you are exposed to a lot of game lists which you can play without the need to download or any console or any special software.

Where to find it?

The most common way to find the games is the internet archive. Head to the search option and search for the Commodore 64 Trump games or simply Trump Castle. Upon clicking on the game, you can click on it and it will boot the game. Once you set the control and are ready, the game shall run on your computer without any hassle. The only thing to keep in mind is that the controls can be a little messy, so it’s to make sure that you are aware of that and before you can step right into the game, you will need to change the control that you will find in the game. Besides that, there are various other commodore64 games that you can find which are also categorized by the name of the developer. With a single search, you will get a lot of games; the names you might not be aware of. Trump castle simulation is a unique experience that not just offers you a gaming experience, but at the same time, introduces you to a real casino. Play, walk, see and understand how a casino operates daily is the basic concept behind it.


The Castle Simulation is akin to stepping in a Trump Casino. The magnificent casinos, the marvelous structures, and the games that are second to no one are the primary features of the castle. It’s an experience that can’t be replicated.

The comeback of Retro games

The pandemic has changed the ways of gaming and with the world halted at its maximum, the gamers are stuck, the industry is operating at half capacity and the need for the new games is more. However, the year has been disastrous, not many of the titles have been introduced. The most surprising thing is that the retros are coming back to life. The games that were thrown in the attic are making a comeback. One of the significant things that you will notice in the gaming arena is that most of the companies have been following a pattern of arcade or racing or any other theme, this has led to the lack of innovation. The need for the new games is more, but no one wants to risk. You know what you’re looking for and sometimes you just want something simple yet enticing. Here is where the requirement for the retro comes in.


The retro games are making a remarkable comeback. There are plenty of casinos that have stood up to the requirements and with the internet covering every region of the world, the demands have risen. More and more players are playing bingo; one of the classics that aren’t much complicated. In addition to being included in the main gaming arena, the Bongo games have their dedicated casinos where the players sign up for only one reason. Whatever may be the reason for this sudden popularity, the game is dominating the ground of the slots and as the world moves at a slow pace, the sitting gamers are finding Bingo more appealable than the rest of the games. Perhaps they need a change from the modern games or just they are looking into the past.

The classic Characters:

Even though the new gaming revolution has breathed life in the old characters and games, you still miss the old ones. Whatever the modern ones have to offer, you need a break, go back in the past, and experience the whole arena when it was in its infancy. Often the new announcement is followed by the rendition of a new character, but the retro console never runs out of style and the feeling of playing the actual game is something that is out of this modern gaming.

The revival:

One of the reasons for the rise is that there has been a shift in the industry regarding the likes. There is a decent number of fans that can be capitalized on. Nintendo has been offering new consoles where you can play the games.


The retro gaming market is lucrative and this has been identified by various gaming companies and online casinos. Besides that, you can find a lot of fo sites that offer you games of the past. From gambling to Super Mario, you are in for an adventure. With a click on the internet, you can find the best you like.

Retro Games for Gambling

Modern games are fun, they are the embodiment of years of brainstorming and planning. However, when it comes to the integration of gambling and games, the fun is double. They are the most popular forms of entertainment and with the advent of online casinos, the industry can cater to the requirements of a wider audience. Though land-based casinos have existed for a long time, online is the new trend. The recent trends in the industry suggest that retro games are in the mainstream yet again. This is due to the reason of the pandemic that has rendered the industries to work at half the capacity and with not many titles getting released, the gamers are looking towards alternative methods of entertainment.

The evolution:

Ever since the advent of internet gaming, casinos have changed not just in experience but in the services. With the addition of the new audience, the operators of the casinos are on their toes to satisfy the demands. They also offer various retro games for gambling that are too good to be missed out on. The online casinos use multi-layer security to make sure that the payment is protected and you have an extended experience. The option of a variety of games from the comfort of your home is a privilege that the modern gamer can’t miss. It also has allowed people from other regions to successfully wager on the platform without any hassle. The payouts are faster, the experience is convenient and there is no dearth of games.

On new devices:

The world has been brought into our pockets with the help of the new smartphones and how can the casino industry stay back. The casinos offer various versions of its retro as well as modern games that can be played on a phone once you download the application. The design is user-friendly, the services are smooth and the experience is something to boast about.


Slots are the first thing that comes to mind when you mention casinos. Over the years, online casinos have been dominated by the slots and there are a lot of platforms that offer the retro slots under your fingertips. If you are a fan, then this is the option available to you. In addition to that, there is the good old Poker that you can’t miss out on. Being one of the popular card games in the casino world, Poker has a very low house edge that makes it a favorable choice for beginners. Besides that, no one can overlook BlackJack. The retro game has an experience that’s not just different, but will also allow you to wager lower amounts than what you are entailed to do in a regular Blackjack.


The modern games have a pattern and sometimes you are just tired of the usual stuff, you want to try the odd-new. This gives birth to new ideas; why not try the old games? The retro ones. They are different, unique, and gives you a taste of the past gamers.

Retro Fun in Monte Carlo Commodore 64

The casinos are massive structures that are the embodiment of careful designing and imagination. They merit respect in the architectural world, offer services that are appreciative and give you access to a wide variety of entertainment. Nothing can be compared to Monte Carlo Casino. Located in Monaco, it’s a wonder in the gambling world where you have roulette, Poker, and Craps games to make the best of your time. In addition to that, the casino made a debut in the Commodore games and its services are so popular and with a few promotions, the name became etched in the memory of the gamers.

What is it?

If you are a fan of the Retro games then Monte Carlo is your choice. With all the games that are available in the casino being offered in the C64 casino, the name has carved a reputation for itself. Launched in 2013, the games run smoothly on the platform and you can even start the games as soon as you finish with the sign-up. Upon sign up, you are offered membership of the casino and allowed to play the games instantly. The games are played with virtual money and real money, so they need to be careful is the first step that you must take in the initiative. The task is simple – you keep stacking the money. The gameplay is convenient with no limitations and just in case, you are done, you can exit any time of the session.

The gambling:

This is the unique feature of the casino where you can gamble for real money. Compared to the earlier times where such games were introduced just to give a glimpse of a real casino, the Monte Carlo offers you Fruit Slot Machine where you can spin for real money. The reels spin like the old style and every spin has the potential to capitalize. In addition to that, there is the good old Blackjack where the task is to beat the dealer at face value, keep it under 21 and make sure that your head is in the game. However, the rules are a lit bit lenient in the Commodore version. It surely does make it interesting to play.


Another option is roulette. The wheel, the ball, and the numbers are the most entertaining options for a gambler. The fact that anything can happen in the game is the most intriguing factor of Roulette. You can choose the bet, the odds and place your bet on any numbers.


The only thing there is to know about is that you are to beat the Dealer and make sure that he either quits or loses. It has the lowest edge that makes it a favorable choice for beginners. Get the highest hand and take the money home; that’s the rule in simple terms.


Monte Carlo adds fun to the already enticing casino games. Various casino games are available in the casino. In other words, what you can find in a land-based casino or an online casino, Monte Carlo C64 offers that.

Retro Casino Games of the Past

Daily, games whether casino or non-gambling come and go. Modern games are sophisticated, graphics are high-end and the sounds are realistic. They offer an experience that can’t be replicated, but the trend sometimes loses the dominant ground and you want to try something different, not of this age, have a peek in the past and play the good-old retro. The games of the past are full of unique rudimentary designs, they are nowhere a match to the modern games, but they offer something different.

Lynx Casino:

This is one of the unique titles that offer you gameplay that will not just be unique, but a glimpse into the gaming market of the 1990s. Produced in 1992, Lynx is a simulation of the casino where you are offered a variety of games such as blackjack and poker. There are also some slots that you can choose from. The rules are the same as you would have in a casino and in addition to that, there are variants of the games that you can’t afford to overlook. In nutshell, the experience is enhanced and if you compare it to the titles at that time, it surely takes the cake.

Vegas Stakes:

Not everything that has Vegas in it is enjoyable, but Vegas Stakes is the best. It has everything that a casino has to offer – the better experience, the games, and the graphics. Even though they can’t be compared to modern games, the gameplay is appreciative and the selections are numerous. Produced in 1993, it soon excelled the other titles in the race. There are five casinos that you can choose from, but you will have to win an amount before you can be promoted to the next level.

 The Casino Kid Franchise:

The time Casino Kid was introduced to the world can be considered the infancy of the gaming world and though many of the games were introduced in the market, the ground was still barren, but with the creation of Casino Kid in 1989 that followed an interesting storyline, the new age games become a new normal. As a teenager in the game, you’re up against the gaming hustlers and experienced players. The character wants to be the best and there are places to explore in the game.

The future holds the ground:

The modern games have followed a pattern and with the games following the same old feature, the space for the innovation of the old games has risen. Many of the players are choosing the old retro games to add a twist to the experience. The classic option like Tetris, Card Games or the Casino Simulation has been one of the tops. Despite their 2D operation, they offer a nostalgic experience to you and nothing can be compared to them. More and more casinos are catering to these requirements where you can find any game with a click.


Even though there are a lot of options in retro gaming, some of the titles have a uniqueness to them. They are fun, entertaining and you are offered more features than usual.

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