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Learn about the commodore 64 gaming if you are new. Get to know about the history of the games and how they revolutionized the industry.

The Legendary Commodore 64

The first and the highest sold commodore in history. Learn more about the creates and the idea behind this machine.

The Transportable Commodore SX-64

Learn about the new upgrade in the commodore machine and how it affected the upcoming gaming community.

The Powerful Commodore 128

Learn about the best commodore invention, the best which has the power to run the latest games.

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Best Retro Games For Android!

Retro Games

Retro games have always had a charm to them which can provoke apathy and can make people think of the old days. The days were the graphics were simple and had the capacity to captivate you in their world. Here is a list of a few old school games which can allow you to have the best gaming experience.

Beamdog Games

Beamdog is involved in four retro games Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, Planescape: Torment, snowball, Never-knights and Dragon seas. There are many games like this in early 2000. Each person can easily go for four or five dozen hours. The UI feels cramped on small displays which can be the best. These classic games can be run on $9.99 each with additional voice packs.

Beamdog Games

Beat The Soldier

The beat cop is an excellent retro noir game which is set in the early 1980s. This is a game which allows you to be Jack Kelly, who is a disgraced former detective on beat police peace. They were later framed for their murder and are looking to make sure that your terrible boss is arrested. This is a game which has many obstacles to it, and it is your responsibility to help figure out the right atmosphere to ensure that the mechanics are well managed.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

This is a port of popular play station game which can allow you to enjoy like it is 1997. This is a game which is a faithful port of the original classic with modern add-ons. This includes full comparability with the game controllers and on-screen controls which has various achievements as it supports six languages and continues to evolve. This is an arcade platformer with a few hack slash and horror elements.


Crossy Street

Crossy street is an iconic retro mobile game which is an older version of frogger. This is a game which has you like a chicken on various rods and drains, and it is up to you to avoid the obstacles and reach on the proper time—a simple arcade game which you can enjoy with all your friends and family. There are a variety of characters which works well with Android TV and can allow you to hit all the right buttons. This is the same developers who also did Pac-mac 256 and shooty skies.

Dotemu Game

Dotemu is an outstanding retro-style game offering you games like Ys Chronicles 1 and 2, R types I and II and other arcade games. This is a game which is mostly creepy and has an RGP, arcade, adventure with some beat em ups for good measures. This is one of the most expensive games in dotmoo’s lineups, which will allow you to ensure that you have the right in-app purchases or advertisements.

The C64 Mini Retro Gaming Console Review

C64 Mini

The game C64 was a Mini retro gaming console introduced to the world in the year 1982. This was a game which was introduced by Sinclair’s ZX spectrum, which instantly became popular as a home computing system. This game during its initial days was not user friendly. This even demanded a few codes which inspired a generation of future programmes to design better to help them become the most influential game makers. The popularity of these influential game makers can allow them to build over 400,000 units a month to help meet the demands.

This game later made its comeback in the year 2018 as a ‘microconsole’ with many preloaded games. This game has a charm to it as it could be plugged to a modern TV and could allow you access to 64 games. Unfortunately, it lacked two crucial things which include commodore 64 experience on a decent joystick. As the replica of the original, it captivated its audience and was generally played alongside a unique unit. The new mechanical keyboard was softer and had a very impressive reproduction.


The C64 is capable of delivering a powerful hit of nostalgia. The Mini retro gaming console was quite captivating and was delightful a there were more evocative holding scale remakes. The free games have many revamped titles. There are many back to back classics which can spread and help one have a revised version which offers a more diverse range of games which can be very popular. There are many sports releases like speedball II, and California games, the shooters Paradroids and Uridium platform allows the people to be more celebrated than the titles and will enable the title introduction which can bring a solid play game.

There were a host of less well-remembered games which includes the Maze games Hover Bovver, ball roller trailblazer, puzzlers, spin dizzy and chip’s challenge. This is also an engrossed 2017 developed release onboard which can have a homage to the formative arcade shoot them up Galaga. The C64 is a game which can easily have the modern interface which lets you select and enjoy the load titles. The classic C64 or Vic 20 has a simple program that can add to the game ROMs via the USB to help load new titles into the machine.

The joystick can be upgraded to have the right microswitches, which offers plenty of loud, nostalgic clicks which allows you to play and allow you to have precise and responsive improvements. The key takes away is the nostalgia which can be reminded of how different the gaming was in the 1980s home computers. The titles can be charming but can also feel clunky at times. The demand is quite good and can have a very counter-intuitive effect.

The Evolution Of Gambling Games: Retro Play For A Digital Era


There is no doubt that gambling games are one of the most popular ways for people to have fun. This fun gets even more impressive when someone wins money. There are many ways people have seen the real evolution of playing gambling games. These games started with land-based casino games which were built in Venice in 1683. Gambling on classic games like poker and blackjack has remained unchanged for many years. There are many retro online games which can allow you to have the right games like Monte Carlo Casino for the Commodore 64 which will allow you to play for real money and allow you to enjoy the games you like.

The new way of playing casino games

There are many retro gambling games which can be played for fun. There are many inventions that internet saw in a massive change. The online technology had a secure e-payment which helped with the playing gambling model for real money, which can be done from the comfort of your own house. This led the rise of online casino sites which could easily be signed and could have a variety of gambling games. There are many gambling games and niches which can be projected to be worth over $70 billion in the year 2024. The convenience offers ease for deliveries, and playing the games can help ensure that the popularity grew.

Casino games

Retro gambling on modern smartphones

The main question for the retro lovers is that there are still a few old school fun gambling games which can be played on your mobile phones. These games are pretty much played on online casinos which can offer you a mobile-friendly version of the sites which is up to you to choose.


If you are looking to go old school with the gambling games slots are your best bet. Online slots have taken over the gambling world online. There are many online slot games which can allow you to enjoy some of the best retro slot games.


Poker is one of the oldest games, and it does not get retro than poker when you are looking into live variations. Texas Hold’em is often considered to be one of the most definitive ways to help ensure that you have access to some of the best games.



Another retro table game is blackjack which was first played around in the early 1600s in Europe. This is one of the best games as it is simple to understand and can also allow you to win with the help of a few statistical analysis. This is one game which is worth the investment.

Top Commodore 64 Games (Gambling Games)

Commodore 64 Games

The Commodore Business machines hold the title of the best selling single personal computer model of all times. The sales that people estimate can range from 10 to 17 million units which can allow you to enjoy major video game markets. This means that there are over commodore 64 sported a massive software library which can help with the productivity management of the video games. There are many video game classics which is not quite hard to see and can allow you to enjoy Nintendo’s NES. Here a few games which you can play in Commodore 64.


Wasteland is one of the biggest fame which is inspired by the Interlay’s spectacular fallout series. There are many classics which has the PC RPG which can be played in vein later fallout. The wasteland pioneered many concepts which can have a later series perfect for the series. The game features a lot of the same background which is set to destroy during the nuclear catastrophe. This is a critically acclaimed and wildly successful store which can allow you to have the right inspirational fallout. The version of Commodore 64 version can be hard to pay in every system but can allow you to enjoy the well-known series if continued with Ultima IV.


Stake Or Die!

Stake or die is one game which was a rage in the 1980s in the video game package. This was a game by the Epyx games winter gamers and summer series, skate and die! There is a lot of roller skating inspired courses to help with the contests with access to different skaters to choose from the run to course. Each skater avatar follows a unique look which can allow one to enjoy the transcend genre to become a mainstream sensation.

Ultima IV: The Quest Of The Avatar

The original version of the game came out in the year 1985 for the Apple II which was an instant classic which has some of the best-expedited basis. This was a game which was the first in the ‘Age of enlightenment’ which is featured in the improved dialogue and world interactions, deepening and broadening the experience for the returning players which can allow a lot of audience trafficking to play the games.

Ultima IV: The Quest Of The Avatar

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion was a game by Lucasfilm games in the year 1987 which is a graphical adventure for PCs and home consoles. This is a classic game which will allow you to enjoy the narrative points and click to form. This is a game where the character Dave Millers who is on a quest to save his girlfriend from a mad scientist in a maniac mansion which involves switching between the multiple characters allowing the story to advance.

7 Retro Casino Games that You Must Try

Casino Games

If you ave been a fan of the classic slot games from the ’80s and ’90s and want to try them once again to relive the moments, this list is for you. There are online platforms that still offer plenty of online games to play. For all the retro gaming lovers, here is a lost of the top retro casino games that you much try.

Jackpot 6000

This is an old-school arcade game with a classic slot machine from the ‘80s. It has the reels with satisfying clunk sound with music that will stick to your head for hours. The best part about finding these retro games is that you will not be disturbed by many because today everyone wants to try out the latest games. You can enjoy playing Jackpot 6000 as much as you want.

Jackpot 6000

Retro Reels

Now, this is not an old game, but it is themed upon the old-school type gaming. It only has the machine design with no background that actually makes it more pleasing to the eyes. Retro Reels is a perfect remake of mechanical slot games but offers 20 pay lines. It has a nice individual reel re-spin feature which can put players in control.

Creature from the black lagoon

The retro game players love this NetEnt slot because even though it has advanced graphics to attract the new audience, it still sticks to its roots. There is a Hollywood style version of this game which will provide a proper B-movie experience to the players.

Rubiks Riches

If you have played the old fruit machine, you must remember its sound when the reels spin. The only difference in this game is that the reels are replaced with the Rubik’s cube. It can be won in multiple ways, including the retro style lighting up of the name for a bonus system.

Rubiks Riches

Reel Rush

This retro-themed game is made intentionally of low-resolution graphics. Reel rush has symbols from classic slots and 8-bit computer games that will make you feel like playing an old game. If the looks are not enough, then the sounds will take you back to the ’90s.


SafeCracker was one of the most innovative slot game that was made when the online slots were only getting popular. You can still find the game at Slots Heaven. There are only three reels and one win which together give out one massive jackpot. It has a safe-cracking interface which is connected to a massive vault which can give out massive jackpots.


This slot is based on Japanese cult anime with a 888 casino game mechanism. This game can make you feel like you are playing on a commodore 64 because of its dark retro looks. The 2D figures look because of the clarity, but the overall theme of the game will never make you feel like this is a new game.

How to Play Commodore 64 Games Online

Commodore 64 Games

Commodore 64 was a masterpiece that became popular in the ’80s. It was a high tech piece of hardware that could run applications for office, development, and the games. The gaming on commodore became popular among young and adults and is still a part of the collection for the game geeks. If you want to bring back memories or want to try out some retro gaming, you can play commodore 64 games online. There are many Internet Archives where you can get several pieces of emulation software which can run old arcade games on your browser. Commodore 64 games will also be available online without the need of downloading any special tools or software. You do not even need to own a commodore 64 to play those games.

How to play commodore 64 games online

Head to the Internet Archive’s software library and search for Commodore 64. Scroll down the pages until you find the section labelled as a collection. Open the collection file, and you will find “Software Library: C64”. Click on the checkbox next to it. Now the page will only display the games that are available through the website. You can also include demos in your search, which can provide you with more options.

Commodore 64

Picking the games

The game list will be organized alphabetically, and most of the commodore 64 games will not as interesting as the others. You can filter the games from the drop menu at the top and select “Views.” Now you can find the games organized based on the number of people who have tried them. This will give you the best-played commodore 64 games such as Ghosts ‘N Goblins and Castle Wolfenstein.

If you want to search for your favourite videogame company, find the “more” button next to the “creator” section and click on it to see the full list of the games by different companies. You can filter the games from the companies of your choice and then pick your favourite ones from there.

Once you have found your game, click on the game to get redirected to another page. Here you will find a power button icon on top of the game’s starting screen. The virtual commodore 64 will boot up right there on the browser and will launch your game. There you go! You can play any commodore 64 games anytime with this method.

Customize controls

Once you have the game loaded, hit F12 on the keyboard to go to the settings page. Since the commodore settings are different from your new keyboard settings, you will need to set controls again from the settings. On the settings page, scroll down to find “machine settings” and hit enter. Select the joystick and hit enter again. Scroll down again to find “define keysets”. Click on it, and now you can assign new keys for the game. Once you have defined the keys, hit the delete button to go back to the previous page and select “Joystick device 1.” Here you will find “keyset 1”, select it and you are ready to play the game.

Monte Carlo Casino for Commodore 64

Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo casino is known for its grand casino part around the world. It is located in Monaco and comprises of a casino and a theatre. Monte Carlo casino offers many brick and mortar casino games, including various kinds of Roulette, Craps, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat. The casino is so popular around the world that is was launched as a Commodore 64 game which also hosted all the casino games of the Monte Carlo casino.

About Monte Carlo casino c64

The Monte Carlo casino is now available online and was first established in 2013. It was licensed from the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. It has an instant gaming feature which lets you play the game almost instantly. The players just have to register and complete the verification to become a member of the casino. The casino games are played with real money so the players will have to make their first initial payment.


Game description

Monte Carlo casino c64 is a casino simulator that lets you play five different games with virtual money. In the beginning, you start with $10,000, and your objective is to stack up as much money as you can. The games can be played on choice, and the players can constantly switch the games. There is no limits to play, and one can stop playing anytime they want. The rules of the games are explained within the game.

The fruit machine

This retro-style slot machine is the easiest way to gamble in Monte Carlo casino. You just have to press its button, and the reel will spin. Each spin of the fruit machine will cost you $1,000, so it is suggested that you get back to playing it when you have earned enough from other machines.

slot machine


To win blackjack in Monte Carlo casino, you will have to beat the dealer by scoring a higher sum of the face value of the cards but lower than 21. It is also known as Pontoon and Vignt-et-un. Blackjack is a very complex game, but for the commodore 64 blackjack game, you do not need many skills to win.


Roulette is a popular wheel game which is available on Monte Carlos casino c64. You can use the arrow keys to determine the size of your bet, odds for your bet, and then position your chips on any number on the table. You can place up to 10 bets on the table.



You will be playing against the dealer in this game. Your aim should be to beat the dealer with either having a better hand or bluffing the dealer so that he quits. After the cards are dealt, you and the dealer can bet again, and the one with the highest hand will win the game.


You can also play this dice game in Monte Carlo casino c64 where you will place bets on the outcome of the dices and the spot value of the next throw. The player can choose a stake and type of the bet and if the dices land for the perfect number, the player wins.

How to Play Commodore 64 Strip Poker Game Online

Poker Game Online

When the strip poker game was out on Commodore 64 back in the ‘80s, it became a secret sensation for the young gamers. There was no internet back in the days, and the gamers did not have enough money or the internet to explore porn. So they found the joy of seeing naked women on the Strip Poker II on the commodore 64. Despite the fact that the game had nudity, the gamers liked that the developers were serious about making a working poker game. It was a 5-card poker which was played against different players. The easy girl in the game was easy to beat, but the hard to get girls made the game more challenging and long-lasting.

The girls always had a sarcastically funny comeback which would make you feel roasted, but you would not mind hearing their quick comebacks when they are stripping when they lose. There was also a male version of the game, just in case.


Game description

You play as a male player around a woman who is ready to play strip poker with you. You will play a 5-card poker and bet your money for the rounds. You will be winning money along with watching your opponents undress. The girls will strip a cloth every time they lose one hundred dollars. You will have to make them strip five times to win the game.

The original game has two opponents, Suzi and Melissa, but you can acquire Data disks to add more opponents like Candi, Marlena, etc.

How to play commodore 64 Strip Poker online

Commodore 64 games can now be found on the internet archives. You can play them online on your browser without having to download any special tools and emulators on your PC. Follow these steps to find Strip Poker II and other games online.

commodore 64

Go to Internet Archive

Search for Internet Archive’s software library online and type “Commodore 64” on the search bar of the library. Scroll down the pages to find a section labelled as “Collection”. In the collection file, you will find “Software Library: C64”. Click on the checkbox next to it can you will find all the games that are available in the library.

Search for Strip Poker

In the library do a quick search for Commodore 64 Strip Poker. When you find the game, click on the game to get redirected to another page. Here you will get a power button. When you click on the power button, the virtual commodore 64 will boot up. Now you can enjoy playing strip poker in retro style and relive childhood once again. You can also change the controls by hitting F12 and going to the settings page.

Poker Po Polsku Commodore 64 Review

Poker Po Polsku Commodore

Poker Po Polsky is a retro-style casino game which was pretty popular among the games back in the ‘80s. When it was first launched, it gained more popularity among the real gamblers due to its classic poker theme and the engaging 8-bit sounds. Those who were a fan of five-card poker game could play poker PO Polsku anything they wanted while relaxing at their homes. Today you can find Poker Po Polsku on the internet archives to relive the ‘80s once again.

Poker Po Polsky

How to play poker Po Polsku online

You can play poker Po Polsku on your PC today if you have a browser. You can access the Internet Archives and play this retro poker game online without the need of downloading any special tools or software to your device. Follow these simple steps to play poker Po Polsku on your PC.

Go to the internet archive’s library and search for Commodore 64. Here you will find a library of Commodore 64 games. Search for Poker Po Polsku in this library, and the refreshed list will have the game.

Click on the link, and you will be redirected to the games the main page with a red launch button on the top of the game screen.

When you click on this button, the commodore 64 virtual system will boot on the browser and load the game. Now you are ready to play the game.

If you do not know the key configuration of the game, press F12 and you will be directed to the settings. Now you can either learn the default settings or change the key settings according to your comfort.


The game description

Poker Po Polsku is an entertaining 5-card poker game which is played between 3-5 players. It is not a multiplayer game, but since it is a retro game, many old gamers are still interested in trying out this game.

You will start this game with $10,000 worth of chips. You can play at different tables where you will meet new players who will have different sarcastic lines to hit you with when you lose. The game is interesting to play and only has a limited number of options to bet on.

The game mechanics are easy to learn. There are not many options and strategies that you can use. After some point of playing constantly, you can learn the moves of other players, which will make the game easier to play. You can learn when the most challenging players will make their move and pick the right strategies to win.

Since the game is an only single player, the computer uses a limited number of moves that can repeat themselves sooner than expected if you can study the pattern. Hence the game is only good enough to relive the memories, but one cannot play the game forever.

Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Simulation (Commodore 64)


Trump Castle provides the best series of casino games from Capstone/Intracorp. It is a solid casino simulation which is licensed under the famous casino of the Atlantic City, Trump Castle. It is owned by Donald Trump, who is one of the richest billionaires and also the president of the US at present.

The game is a collection of multiple casino games offered in the actual Trump Castle. It includes roulette, craps, slots, poker, baccarat, and blackjack. The game has a hot seat mode where up to four players can compete at once. The game mechanics are quite fair, and the gameplay may seem similar to the real-world games. The developers have worked quite well on the AI  of the game. There are Trump Castle 1, 2, and 3 with the same kind of game mechanics and interface but with improved graphics.

Unfortunately, the game does not offer any tournament or career mode, so no matter how long you play, in the end, you will lose your progress and start again. In terms of the content and variety, Trump Castle has only a few casino games and variants. But we can agree to its reason which means that the Trump Castle commodore 64 game is based mainly on the games that are available in the read Trump Castle.

Play Trump Castle

The games in all the versions of Trump Castle commodore 64 are similar with improved graphics. However, Trump Castle 2 came out with more cartoonish-style graphics. People enjoyed playing Trump Castle 2 because of its graphics as well as the option of viewing different rooms while you walk through the premie of the casino. This lets people take a break from the games and do a little free walk around the simulation. Overall the series of Trump Castle is great for commodore 64 best games list. You can find the games today on some of the gaming platforms without having to download any special tools and software on your system.

How to play Trump Castle

You can find Trump Castle on the internet archives. Search for Internet Archive’s Library and search of Commodore 64 in the search option. Here you will find a complete directory for Commodore applications and games.

You can search for Trump Castle here. Upon finding the game, you will need to launch the game screen. You will be asked to click on the power button which will boot Commodore 64 in your browser. Next, you will need to set the controls to make the game playable on your computer. Press F12 to open the settings and change the key roles to the ones you are comfortable with. Once you have changed the settings, you are ready to play Trump Castle.

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